Over 10 years of expertise in 3D reality capture, laser scanning, dimensional control and technical CAD services

Point clouds, 3D models, floor plans and process drawings

Using 3D laser scanning technology, Real to Desk provides an efficient and secure way to generate as-built documentation or update existing plans. In addition to compiling accurate and complete 3D models and layout plans, views and sections, our technical draftsmen are also adept at updating process drawings to meet all your operational and legal requirements.

Pre-engineering & clash detection

Real to Desk takes care of the technical preparation of your engineering projects. Whether it's a greenfield project or a remodel of an older structure, at some point engineering disciplines come together. We can assure you that everything fits together and that you have accurate and complete spatial data.

Dimension Control

When your project requires a higher level of precision, we will complete or replace our traditional scans with highly accurate measurements using laser trackers, short range scanners or industrial total stations.

Capture reality

Aerial images in combination with terrestrial scans of an outdoor or indoor environment are processed into the product that makes your project a success. You get a detailed set of spatial information in your familiar format. This data can be used to tailor your design, visualize your event, play your game or mimic your security training in detail.

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